Avion Flight Simulator

In a world full of imagination and dreams, flying a plane is the most amazing thing you could ever do. Countless games create the “feel” of flying an airplane, and for some of those dedicated ones, many Pc games offer realistic joysticks and controls to play. However today I am here to talk about the Avion Flight Simulator 2015, a simulator app for Android users. Which, my belief is already a letdown in itself, limiting an app to android stops a good portion of the consumers out there to have access to it.

One of my favorite things about Avion however is the interesting missions. After the first 5 missions of learning to fly, you get experience “situations:” you have to make it through such as weather, landings and more. This adds more than the usually free play mode or games with only fly through the hoops to win.” Together with 5 missions per plane, and 3 difficulty levels, there are around 180 missions you can do before you can say you have beaten the game. And of course that’s no easy task for some missions I have played on the hardest difficulty, making me retry over and over to the point of throwing my phone down in anger.

Avion Flight SimulatorAlso I was disappointed to find out there was only a limited amount of planes to fly. For any flight simulator, I love to switch planes for different speeds, control and more, but 12 really do not cut it. Thankfully, they added a nice cockpit view for each play, making the few planes a little bit better. Also, if you look in the game description, it says Airbus A380, Boeing 747-8 and a military/war expansion packs are being planned. Which is a plus, at least 3 more planes to have missions and free flight with, but I still think less than 20 are still way too little. And for some planes, I would have to say, it gets worse. For example, there are 5 commercial airports, 2 seaports, and 2 small airports. So basically what that is saying is if you are playing with a water landing airplane, you only get 2 places to land. Unfair right?

One of the biggest problems I ran into the game however was the progression. Unlike a lot of games these days, there are no in-app purchases; it makes all its money off of advertising. And if you aren’t connected to the internet, these video ads (that of course, can’t play not) will not let you progress anymore until you connect to the internet again. Everything and anything you do, the game made me watch a video ad. I mean, I would beat my 5 missions and was about to get a new plane, but no, I had to watch a video. And the game also gives me a certain amount of rewinds, handy little things that you can, as you would think, “rewind” and fix any mistake you made. You want some more you say? Well as I said, there are no in-app purchases, so you have to watch once again, a stupid video ad to get another one. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were just Googles’ 15 second advertisement for their app, but sometimes they can be a minute or 2 long! I mean, can they at least add ways to remove them, please?

Another thing I have to say I found to my distaste was the physics of the game. Hit a tree? You should crash in a fire explosion right? Well no, you fly through then. Hit that runway too fast? Once again you should “lose,” but you don’t, you end up landing just fine. Even some of the missions are bugged, such as flying when your engine should be “dead” or just more errors that the game seems to allow a wide-margin for.

All in all, I enjoyed the game; it had a few things I haven’t seen in a flight simulator before, such as weather, and situations. However the game does have its flaws, such as dumb physics, or the video ads. Especially the video ads. Now if you have an Android device, and like flying games, then I suggest checking it out, but if you are an apple user, sorry, you’re out of luck.